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Say it with Love

You can show your love in many ways, why not create something handmade this year?

String Art : LOVE

There are various styles you can create whether it's for yourself, your crush or for the love of a pet.

Let loose and Create

At #texture #artbar we have everything you need the moment you walk in the door. You can paint your boards, or not. Just follow the pattern and string away! We are here to help if you get stuck, but it's a self guided tour in creating your own piece of art.

Get Inspired

We offer this class 5 days from Tues-Sat, it takes about 3hrs to complete. The pricing for this class is $45 and includes all materials, instructions and a complimentary beverage. Sign up on line!

Check out the regular classes we offer. Each month they are changing. We also take suggestions!

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