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Meanwhile, in West Asheville, calligrapher Manuel Murillo and his wife, photographer and multimedia artist Patrice Kennedy-Murillo, are looking to promote local, national and international makers. Launched in September, TEXTure Gallery & Art Bar, 1516 Patton Ave., highlights the full range and potential of calligraphy-based art.  “Most people have no clue about what can be done with lettering,” says Murillo. As he weaves in and out of the gallery’s multiple rooms, he showcases the medium’s various applications. In one room, script is incorporated into collage work. A layered piece of hand carved glass hangs in another section of the gallery.

Mountain Express-Asheville Dec 2017

Throughout the space, Murillo’s own creations are displayed, as well. “I get commissions for doing different types of music lyrics,” he says. “It’s an interpretation with an added visual meaning.”

Down a red spiral staircase is the art bar portion of the gallery. This is where classes are led by the husband-and-wife team, as well as visiting artists. In addition, the couple host three-hour art bar sessions, where participants come in and have free range and access to materials. “We like a comfortable feel to the place,” says Murillo. “A place where you can come and create.” Learn more at

Jan 2018  Laurel of Asheville Magazine

Another little editorial in the wedding issue of the Laurel of Asheville Magazine, features all of our businesses!  Texture Gallery & Art Bar, the calligraphy that Manuel does, and my photography and photo booth!

Capital at Play- Jan 2016

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