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THE ART BAR is filled with all sorts of goodies for you to try out, create with, play and have a good time. We encourage you to make projects  with your own style. We currently do NOT sell alcohol.  For private events,  you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks. We ask that you be courteous to everyone since it's a small space. Have fun, be creative, make friends!

How does this works??

Pretty easy actually!!

1. Check out this months projects and pick the one you want to create!

2. Go ahead and book your session.

3. Come on over and play in the art bar! (Don't worry, we have lots of aprons and ideas!)

While you are booking your session, you have a few options, we ask that you arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to or 15 minutes after the session time.


When you get here, you will be provided with all the materials and instructions you need for the project you chose when you booked your session. 

If you remember, in the options at checkout with your session, you were offered the options of a complementary beverage of your choice. These options include a glass of wine (white or red), a craft beer, cider and a variety of non- alcoholic beverages. (Only 1 per customer, and we currently do not sell alcoholic beverages)

Each project for the month is available during regular ART BAR hours, which means you can do any project on our list during your time at the ART BAR. ALL PROJECTS ARE PRICED BETWEEN $25-$65.

We will do what we can to assist you, but remember this is a fun time for you to be crafty (we won't leave you hanging)

Walk-ins are welcome, but we highly encourage booking in advance to ensure you and your friends have a seat. 


 So... book your space now!




How does it work?


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